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Filling for Bankruptcy

Filing Bankruptcy Due To Medical Bills in Georgia

If you’re considering filing bankruptcy due to medical bills in Georgia you’re not alone. According to NerdWallet Health medical bills are the number one reason why people file bankruptcy across the US. Medical bankruptcy doesn’t just affect people without medical insurance. Even people who have good insurance coverage can end up with huge medical bills […]

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Can I keep my retirement account if I file bankruptcy?

The good news is that for the most part, your 401(k) and other qualified retirement accounts are protected in bankruptcy. Traditionally, retirement accounts are almost always protected from creditors and are considered “exempt” when a bankruptcy is filed. An “exemption” in a bankruptcy just means that the asset is safe from the clutches of the […]

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Can I file Bankruptcy Twice?

If you are struggling with debt and have previously filed a bankruptcy case, you might wonder if or how long you have to wait before you can file for bankruptcy again. Great news! You can file for bankruptcy as often as you like. However, the bad news is that there are time limits on how […]

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Debtor Education Requirement in Bankruptcy

The Debtor Education Requirement in Bankruptcy

With few exceptions, all debtors are required to receive credit counseling from an approved agency before they can file for their bankruptcy. Further, debtors cannot receive a discharge unless they also complete a debtor education course (also known as a financial management course) after filing their case. Let’s examine this requirement a little more closely. After […]

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